Front Strap V-Neck Dress (Checks with Navy)

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Description :

Sleek and sexy, this Front Strap V-Neck Dress is the perfect dress to suit a dD Woman’s go-getter attitude. The dress is slim-fit, giving you a slender figure while the modest length keeps things professional. The front and back are two versions of serious and sexy that come well together to create the perfect dress.



Fabric: Polyester blend. Fully lined.

Key Features: V-neck with bar across collar bone. Zip detail on front of skirt. Low-cut back.

Model is 1.7m and wearing a Size XS.



Hand-wash is recommended, but this piece is machine washable on a cold gentle cycle. Please take care to set the item in a laundry net before placing it into the machine in order to prevent damage and unwanted creases.