Collection: Morocco's Myriads

Within the dusty maze of the medinas paved with cobbled stones, the
wooden doors with intricate brass bolts divide the bustling marketplace
and the tranquil riads. Behind these homogeneous rose-colored facade, the
walls are adorned with iconic Moroccan mosaic tiles, brightly coloured
floral geometries set against cement or marble. The art form dates back to
centuries of tradition and craft. Handed down from generations, the
beautiful and unique Islamic mosaic tile art (or kellij) encompasses both
the practical and spiritual. What began simply with earthy shades of brown
and white, has over the centuries expanded to include reds, yellows, greens,
blues and now, contemporary colours like turquoise and rose. Today it is
seen covering the water fountains, interior walls, mosques and tombs of
Morocco; symbolising affluence and spirituality.

It is the vibrance and essence of these tiles that has influenced the textile
prints of our new collection. Our Deconstructed Mosaic print bears a
semblance to the fragmented shapes of the tiles. Retaining some of its
original shapes, we took the liberty to merge the design with macro-views
of tile outlines for a more modern take on the Kellij. This combined with
the generous drizzle of the vivacious Medina colours, lend it an authentic
Moroccan vibe.

In the Chefchaouen print, the canvas is largely blue to pay tribute to the
town of Chefchaouen, affectionately known as The Blue Pearl due to its
architecture laced in shades of blue. We infused the Clementine, a native
Moroccan fruit, against the serene blue canvas. Drawn, traced and then
repeated as a constant pattern, it creates a sudden burst of contrast, making
the design unmistakably eye-catching.